I want to know if it’s possible to implement voip over wifi using asterisks.if it is, can anyone help me go about it or suggest any sites that may be of help.

There are SIP WiFi phones - I have 2 pieces.
And they behave like normal sip phones.
I dream about IAX phones - with mentioned SIP phones there are places where I cant make conversation.
Also - some GSM have OS and for some of them there are soft SIP phones - and you can make calls when there is accessible WiFi around.
WiFi is same as LAN for Asterisk.

Wifi phones seem to be going away in favor of Dect phones. Dect seems to have a better range. If you want to stick with wifi phones I would suggest getting them while you can (then again there is always ebay…).

I vote for DECT/SIP phones too, we use a Siemens Gigaset with our Asterisk pbx without problems, in the past I tried some wifi sip hones but all were quite unreliable.


Marco Bruni

Aastra has a nice product called the MBU 400. Its basically a DECT access point with up to 8 handsets. I wouldn’t go wifi for voip, DECT is muct more reliable and designed specifically for this application. I tried out the Linksys Wifi phone and wasn’t 100% pleased with the reliability or call quality, but it wasn’t terrible if the wifi router was close enough and the signal remained good.

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Adam Simpson
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I think DECT is the way to go. I have tried a few different Wifi phones and never had much real success. The phones connect fine but voice quality isn’t good. The best I tried was a Zyxel phone but even this wasn’t much good unless I used the G.729 codec. G.711 was a complete waste of time!