Load test SIP asterisk 14.4 using wifi

How many simultaneous SIP call can Asterisk 14.4 handle?
This is to be done using wifi.

The system with asterisk is to be connected to the wifi, what device should I use in the system to connect to the wifi router such that maxinum call SIP, can be established.

Can you let me know which wifi router(company name and model) will be good for this?
KIndly let me know.

What system configuration in the computer asterisk is installed will be good, please through some suggestion.


I don’t think these are questions anyone can really answer… as there are too many variables involved.

Although one should add that WiFi and VoIP don’t mix well as contention for airtime can result in excessive jitter.

But, can I reliably use asterisk server for a wifi support calls for some 500 simultaneous calls with high speed routers and switches…

Are people using asterisks in the way I am referring above?
Or should I drop this work if not reliable.

Is there anyway to reduce the jitter?

500 over CSMA!!!

The only way to reduce jitter is to impose so much jitter buffering that the round trip time will be unacceptable. (Or use an interface designed for telephony, like the mobile phone companies do, or even like DECT, although I think neither can support 500 Erlangs from one base station.)

I am not able to get what this 500 over CSMA means…

I wanted to implement, sip calls using local wifi in an environment of over 500 users…
In simple word, will asterisk be able to support 500 simultaneous sip calls or not in a wifi network( there is NO INTERNET allowed) ?

Asterisk doesn’t care if something is connected over wifi or not. What is important are the properties of wifi itself - which do not lend itself well to that much voice traffic. That’s not a shortcoming of Asterisk itself, but of wifi.

Thank you for the reply.