Asterisk with wifi phones

I am trying to utilise asterisk with wifi phones…

Does anyone know which phones would be compatible/easiest to set up that don’t cost hundreds of pounds. I just need something functional and cheap.

I looked at some Belkin wifi phones but they are now discontinued???

In the past I tried some wifi phones, none worked well, now we are using a dect sip phone from Siemens, the gigaset c450 ip and it’s working very well.


Marco Bruni


Do these phones work wirelessly? Im assuming they log into the wireless AP connected to the asterisk server?

How have yous et it up?

The phones connect wirelessly to their dect base station, the base station is connected to a lan switch with an rj45 cable, in this same switch Asterisk is connected too with an rj45 cable.

I setup just one of this phones some months ago, for one of my coworkers and since then I never touched it anymore, the setup was very simple, in just 5 minutes the phone was working, if you need I’ll send you more informations about the configuration.


Marco Bruni