Asterisk WIKI down for quite a time now!


I am curious to find out whether anybody from the Asterisk is working on bringing the site up and running again or it is going to be down for a long time? It is a very useful site and I will hope Asterisk (digium) will bring the site back up and running pretty soon…

At least we as in users would love to see an announcement that wiki is down and will remain down (if it is going to be down for a while).

Appreciate all the help from the team managing the wiki!


There is already a thread about this, you can find it here

Not much information that you want about this in there though. Doesn’t seem like anybody that posted here knows what’s going on.

i sense a misunderstanding here. the wiki isn’t a) about Asterisk exclusively, and b) operated and maintained by Digium.

if you view the domain information there is a phone number for the domain contact … someone here says they’ve been called and are looking into the issue.

in the meantime, a lot of the Asterisk-specific information can be found by using the CLI and reading the text files included in the source. or posting a question here.