Asterisk Voicemail or Exchange UM

Hi all,

i have a question.

is it worth getting the UM working with asterisk (haven’t used UM before) or jusut stick with asterisk voicemail.

I do have multiple voicemail context requirement - i am hoping this could also be done in UM.

any one who has done this before - can you comment on pros and cons of either option.
Also, how will (if at all) UM integration impact the voicemail app on the digium phone

Thank you.

no posts ?

well for future users stumbling upon this…
exchange UM is cool … no doubt - but for now anyway i am falling back to asterisk for voice mail as i can’t get the exchange to dial back the correct context and all call backs fall under the same dial plan which is not good in my case

with asterisk i can do more granular decision making where the calls are routed … maybe i will attack this at one point in future …