Asterisk VM emails rejected by mail server [Solved]

I am using Asterisk with Sendmail and I am able to send voicemail email notifications out, but on the receiving end, my viocemail emails are being rejected by strict email servers that perform “sender email address verification”.

Here is the error from receiving email server log file:

H=( [] rejected RCPT Sender verify failed

Note: is a substitute hostname for my asterisk pbx. Plus I masked my public IP.

My asterisk pbx is behind a NAT (no DHCP), and I have a static public IP on my router. I updated my domain ( DNS MX record to point to my static IP, but that did not solve issue. I even made my asterisk pbx IP the demilitarized zone on my router, again it didn’t solve issue.

Anyone have a clue how to get Sendmail to pass sender verification?

Thanks in advance.

say you want them to come from

in voicemail.conf, set
and for the mailcmd statement add -f

mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -tf

i’m not sure if i understand all of it but: is Your asterisk server name
and (let say) is Your mail server that receive voicemail e-mail
I think that DNS MX record should be done on server
(or DNS server that used for resolving domain names)

OK in the email world things are getting tighter, if you really want to run your own email server then it takes some stuff from your upstream provder as well, if you where to send me email my server would ask a few questions of your server, and if your server answer correct and your upstream provider is giving me the correct RDNS info it will aloow it if the answer is INcorrect on any of the question it will NOT allow the email. here you want no fails some yellows Maybe OK (abuse@ is one which fails 99.9%) the MX records and RDNS are the most important

to dig deeper into issue

You can have three problems.
1)Your internet provider isnt letting it thru.
2)The recieving host dosent like your IP (if it comes from home cable/DSL, some witll automaticly ignore it).
4)Your RDNS is not set up properly.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

I figured out the problem… I was trying to send out email from a user that did not exist on my PBX, so after I created the user using “useradd” command, the sender verification started working.

Thanks again,