Voicemail SMTP server

Hello, we have an asterisk server configured like this, when someone has a message, an email is sent to their email address. We have 2 email providers in mirror mode. Right now, when a message is sent, only arrives to 1 of them.

We getting rid of that service, only wanna keep the other, so i need to change the SMTP server settings but i have no idea where this is.

I know in the voicemail.conf you put the email address for each extension, but I wanted to see where you can specify the ip address of the SMTP server you are going to use for this. Thank you!

The issue you are having is in your DNS records and not in asterisk. The only thing you can do to fix this on your servers end is to sent up you own DNS server on your end and create an MX record there for your domain that points the IP that you want. I don’t think setting it /etc/hosts will work. Another thing you can do is set up email relaying to the email service that you want.

Also a reason why the email may not becoming through is because a lot of mail servers block any email that they can not do a sender verify on (they try to connect back to the box based on the RNDS of the IP to see if it is legit or not). A simple way to fix this is to use a mail relaying service such as mailhop.org. If you need configs for it I can provide it for you (on RHEL/CentOS).