Asterisk version + CRM


hello , i’m a network and a system administrator , my new mission , is to create a CRM , i have the source code for the interface agent , which is “goautodial v2.4” , i don’t which version to install with it as a beginner ,
please help me i’m new to this , another thing , can i developp a working CRM on my own in 6 months , i need to know what i’m facing here , thanks for replying


This is a Call Center product with its own forum
address all questions related to this product on its forum

Asterisk can be integrated with a CRM most of the time using AMI, but your question is nothing related to Asterisk,


that’s why i’m a beginner hahah , i wanted to know is which version has the less problems , so i won’t lose time in reading documentation , thank you sir