Bridging FXO ports?

This may seem odd, but bear with me:

I’m setting up a panasonic pbx box at an event to provide ~16 extensions that can call each other (no PTSN connection), and found out someone else is also providing a similar setup to another group at the event. I’d like to bridge our PBX’s together, but mine wont allow a basic analog handset to receive outside calls from the CO ports so I cant just cross connect an extension and CO line.

What I’m thinking, is having an extension port on each PBX connect to an Asterisk system, and have Asterisk set to answer a ring from either PBX and connect it to the other side, so a user could then dial an extension on that PBX? What would a config for that look like? What’s the cheapest hardware I can use to connect? Crazy talk?? Thanks!

The simple way to do this would be dump the Panasonic units and just use Asterisk boxes with an IAX2 two trunk between then if you really need separate systems.

Might also coordinate extension you use 1000 series they use 2000 series.

Otherwise take an analog extension port (FXS) from him plug it into your CO (FXO) port and do the same from one of your FXS ports to one of his FXO ports… Basically creating a cross over connection-


We already have these PBX’s, and we cant afford a full asterisk system packed with rows of FXS cards, otherwise I’d be doing that after reading up on asterisk… maybe next year…

I’ve already tried creating a crossover connection as you indicated, it doesnt work! Why? From what I can tell the TA824 only allows propietary digital phones to receive and route inbound calls. I’m running all (free) analog handsets and so is the other group. I need something else to bridge them from the ports that it WILL allow analog connections on, and that’s the FXS ports.