Asterisk uncleanly ending


We have a problem with our asterisk installation. Sometimes it just crashes saying:
“asterisk.c: Asterisk uncleanly ending (0).”
Asterisk 18.3 on Linux, pjsip, AGI-scripts, 10000 calls/day.

How can we improve logging to get more leads to what this is?

There is no core file produced. I have followed instructions from

Thanks in advance

The log message would make it seem as though something is shutting Asterisk down. Checking a full log may provide a bit of insight, or looking at what interacts with Asterisk. The uncleany is because there are active channels.

Ok, thanks for answer.
Unfortunately the messages does not show any clues to why it shuts down.
One guess is that it is some weird SIP-devise out there causing it… but I dont know.

Would have been easier if it crashed, then I would get a core file.

What Joshua means is that the shutdown appears to have been initiated in a controlled way, using a management interface, not anything that could be triggered using a call setup protocol.

Ok, but I cannot see any traces of that.
I followed the asterisk main thread and there is nothing between:
“asterisk.c: Asterisk Ready”
“asterisk.c: Asterisk uncleanly ending (0).”

We have had 5 of these “Asterisk uncleanly ending” shutdowns now.
I just found a common case in all 5. It always appears exactly the second a long call (> 20 minutes) hangs up.
That cannot be a coincidence?

It may be, it may not. I don’t think anyone can really add any additional comments to things with the provided information. You’re also using an old version of 18, so it’s up to people whether they wish to provide help on such a thing too.

I don’t see how a fault would get it into the shutdown code.

The synchronisation with the call ending might just mean that it was a shutdown nicely, and that was the last call to end, but for some reason, which might be a bug, another channel got created. In particular, it could have been a shutdown very nicely and there was a race condition that allowed time for a new channel to be created before the shutdown proceeded.

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