Asterisking crashing routinely... best debug options?


I have been running an Asterisk system for a few months with a very low call volume (around 50 calls a day). All was good so I started to route more calls through the system (around 1000 a day) and now Asterisk is routinely crashing once or twice a day. I have set asterisk to respawn in inittab but I would like to debug the problem by examining a core dump or something. I know I can core dump with the -g option I think? Can this be dumped to a file? What other debug options are there?



In menuselect you can also check “Don’t Optimize” in the compiler flags. It will give more information in the core file that is useful in tracking down issues. I typically use safe_asterisk to start asterisk as it also can be set up to email you when something goes wrong. (It also restarts asterisk)

Have you updated to the latest stable version?