Asterisk cleanly ending


I am getting weird asterisk exits, ie termination - process asterisk stops - console just exits with
Disconnected from Asterisk server
Asterisk cleanly ending (0).

And no core, no nothing nowhere - Version is 13.14 (debian)

This happens randomly, and also on a test bed, after a few hours of load test

Any suggestions as where to look for ?


I’ve eventually found a segfault (but no core dump):
Apr 9 02:59:16 am-test-eric kernel: [99755.681795] asterisk[21260]: segfault at 8 ip 0000560ff0107f20 sp 00007fb2efde4a38 error 4 in asterisk[560ff004b000+255000]

How can I investigate this ?


Please tell how to conduct the test?

You will need to obtain a dump. Make sure that Asterisk is started in a directory that has suitable permissions to allow it to dump. I’m not sure how running non-root is handled, but note that programs running set user have dumping inhibited. Make sure you do not have ulimit setting that don’t prevent dumps.

Also, make sure that Asterisk was built with compiler optimisation disabled and either the binary and all shared objects contain full debugging symbols, (completely unstripped) or that these are available, for the exact build, in separate files.