Asterisk randomly shutting down

Using OpenSuSE (10.2 I believe? I think Asterisk was removed in the latest version, so I never upgraded).

Just in the last month or so, Asterisk has started randomly shutting down. Nothing appears in the logs, just all of a sudden it’s not working and if I go do a “ps”, the asterisk process is gone!

Only recent config change was to add the ability to dial long distance numbers (and it was working well for awhile like that anyways).

The OS hasn’t been patched (When I built it I found that no matter what I did, it would always suck in the new kernel, which doesn’t work with the RAID controller in the box (turns my data partitions into swap and overwrites them, very strange)).

Any pointers on starting diagnostics?

Or, give up on SuSE and find another distro that might work better? (don’t suggest CentOS, I had problems with patches on that distro destroying the whole system too)