Asterisk Tutorial / Learning Guide

Hello asterisk world!

I am a new joiner to this amazing teleco world. I would like to know few things. Would request all of yours amazing help towards this.

1 => I would like to have a learning material which might be a pdf or an website where I can learn asterisk in layman’s terms. Where I can learn about asterisk and its modules, dialplan functions/apps and all. Please help me in regards.

2 => I would like to know whats the purpose of DAHDI? Do I need to install dahdi in every asterisk/pbx system? Or can I avoid installing DAHDI if I just make use of SIP phones and make an inbound/outbound campaign?

  1. Look for a book titled ‘Asterisk: The Future of Telephony.’

  2. Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface. Short answer – no cards, no DAHDI.

Thank you so much edwards!

Later editions were re-branded “Asterisk: The Definitive Guide”. An old version is available online at

Much of the general principles are the same, but, for example, the preferred SIP channel driver has changed since then, and it refers to a conference application which needs DAHDI, even if you don’t have special hardware, whereas as the current preferred conference application doesn’t As such, once you understand the general principles, you should refer to

for more up to date details. (Even the paid for versions of The Definitive Guide are quite old now, so you will need the wiki to fill in current details for those.)


thanks a lot david ! :handshake: :handshake:

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