Asterisk to simulate a phone system for fun

Hey There,

I’m building out an escape quest and one thing I’m looking to add is a phone menu system. Basically, all I want to do is hook up an analog phone to my PC and then allow players to navigate a menu system (perhaps have to enter a mailbox ‘pin’) to get hints to progress through the game. This will be a completely closed system, just one phone and the PC.

Anyhow, before I got too far, I am wondering if Asterisk could be configured for something like this? I happen to have a Digium TDM410. No idea if that is the right hardware.

Apologies if this is the completely wrong forum. Also, if anyone has any ideas how to build this, I’m taking suggestions. :slight_smile: Even if there’s something easier to pursue. I’m in the tech industry and willing to dig into new challenges.


It’s certainly possible to do this. As soon as the analog handset is picked up you can have it dial a specific extension and do whatever.

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Cool, thank you for confirming. Regarding the Digium card, it doesn’t have any modules. What is the minimum I need? Seems like one FXS from what I read, but am not sure.

Thanks again!

Yes, you would need an FXS module to connect the phone to.