RE: Digium AEX404BF-4 port PCI-e card

Long time never touch on asterisk and forget some of the configuration setting. I had a digium card mention above sit inside my asterisk server. I connected the direct line to 1 of the FXO port and I can make call out through wireless phone and can received call from my wireless phone call in through the direct line. My concern is I never try to connect an analog phone to the FXS port. How can I make call to the analog phone that connected to one of the FXS port? How can I assign the extension point to that analog phone that connect to the FXS port and make extension to extension call? Please someone help me to solved the problem and thank you.


It’s easy, imagine you have an analog phone in in channel port #3.
You just have to write in your dialplan something like this: In the example bellow I’m going to show you how to call using the extension 201 to the analog phone (FXS) connected to the channel 3


When you dial 201, the analog phone will Ring, Ring! :smile:
First, set the extension name to display to the remote party (Just if analog phone have display on phone “Pantalla”), 2nd the extension number to display to the remote party (Just if the analog phone have display in the phone “Pantalla”), 3rd dial the analog phone.

That’s the best replay i can give you.