Asterisk to to skype

Dear all,

I’m new to Asterisk, I installed it via a package on my Synology DS1512+
I did a simple configuration and my clients (3CX) are able to connect to Asterisk and to communicate :smile:

Now, I would like to do a connection to skype. For that, there is a SIP provider called who allow you to do a Skype call via SIP. For that, once you are connect via SIP to, you just have to call

What I would like to do, if when someone inside my organisation, when he call the number 5001 via his SIP client connected to Asterisk, Asterisk redirects the call to via the trunk

I configured the Trunk, but I’m not able to create the correct outgoing calling rule for that.

Could you help me on this ?

Thank you

I would suggest the only safe way of gatewaying to Skype in the medium to long term is using Skype’s own gateway (Skype Connect). Anything else may close down as a result of licence enforcement and/or changes in the Skype protocol.

The minimum requirement, on the information you have provided, is:

exten => 5001,1,Dial(SIP/

in the context used to handle calls from internal phones.

However you will probably need a sip.conf section for and/or proxy authentication specifications.

Note my understanding is that:

  1. Synology do not support their Asterisk package;
  2. They use AsteriskGUI, a limited web GUI, when the rest of the world is using FreePBX. I’m not exactly sure where you can get support for AstersikGUI, but knowledge of it on this forum is very limited. The main expertise here is for configuring Asterisk directly, without a GUI.

Thank you david, I’ll try your outgoing calling rule as soon as I reach home tonight.

I checked the Skype Connect option, from what I understood, we could do the following

Someone call a Skype phone Number -> Skype Connect -> Asterisk -> SIP Phone

SIP phone -> Asterisk -> SkypeConnect -> Any regular phone

But I didn’t find anything that prove that we could do the following :
SIP phone -> Asterisk -> SkypeConnect -> SkypeUser


Like most commercial web sites, particularly B2B ones, it is not at all clear what the product actually is, so I don’t know whether it supports your case or not.

However, especially if Skype Connect doesn’t support that service, I think it rather unlikely that Microsoft will permit anyone else to provide it in the medium to long term.

Note that the combination of your first two cases doesn’t significantly differ from any other SIP ITSP.

Thank you David,

So a better idea could be to order a phone number for my skype account and use my sip provider (ovh) to call this number via asterisk ?

What do you think ?