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I search the file for see the configuration when you write in ‘‘service providers’’ with asterisk gui.It’s not ‘‘sip.conf’’…
I would like install skype2sip but don’t work and i search the problem
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It should be. Also what do you mean by skype2sip ?


With skype2sip it’s possible using skype with asterisk.I’s a interface sip between asterisk and skype…Install it in your desktop where you have skype installed.
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never used it so I can not comment but I will say that it does not work too well. Have you read the docs on it ?

Yes I’'ve find a wiki support for sky2sip and asterisk,not asterisknow.
but I’ve problem (doesn’t work).Asteriknow and asterisk it’s not the same files of configuration??
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I have never used it before. Can you post the wiki URL ? I will try to have a look at it.

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I paste it…

With free calling over Skype, I decided to try to interface Skype with Trixbox. Here is the howto:

  1. Download Uplink:
  2. Have Skype running and logged in.
  3. Install Uplink and setup the following:
    a. Under General tab: Make sure that “Use the dialed number” is selected.
    b. “When Skype calls SIP dial the following number” Use: skype@ (use the IP or hostname of your trixbox)
    c. - Under the SIP tab
    "Full friendly display name": uplink
    "SIP account number or user": uplink
    "Server": IP or hostname of Asterisk Server
    "Password": uplink
  4. In Tixbox, setup a SIP trunk:
    Trunk Name: uplink
    PEER Details:
    You can play with the dial rules to make US calling more “Standard” and support local dialing without area codes.
  5. Setup an inbound route… For the DID number use: skype
    (See 3 b)
  6. Setup an Outbound route using the Uplink trunk
  7. In extensions_custom.conf, add this to the [from-internal-custom] context:
    exten => skype.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:6}@uplink)
  8. Reload your config files through Trixbox or restart Asterisk.
  9. Restart Uplink and make sure Skype is already running and logged in. You will get a prompt that Uplink wants to connect to Skype, accept that.
    Now if you want to call US numbers use 001NXXXXXXXXX
    If you want to call International use: 011XXNXXXXXXXXX
    If you want to call a skype username from a SIP URI dialing phone link Xten, dial sip:skype_username (see 6… the skype_ is required first and then the Skype username after that. So if your username is trixbox, then you would dial: sip:skype_trixbox).
    Thanks to this post for the basics:
    This “should” support multiple calls, but I cannot get it to. I have only played with it for a few minutes so if someone else know more about this, please add the info.
    Also, change the username and password for security once you have it working.

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