Asterisk system for bridging analog phone line wirelessly

I have an application with phone-based analog phone boxes that control access to a gate. The phone boxes require an analog phone line hardwired so that it can “hear” dial tones from the receiving phone in order to switch a relay to grant access. There is no provision for a hardwired analog line at the phone box so I need a way to bridge the gap. Would asterisk be a good software solution in order for me to bridge that gap wirelessly? I’d have to have some way to convert voip to analog at both ends? Suggestions?

Asterisk is the switching function. What gets switched needs to be sourced separately.

A DECT analogue adaptor might be the easiest approach, although it might need mains power. Mains power is likely to be an issue for everything. An IP ATA with access points feels like it is getting too complicated.