Call forward problem


I use asterisk 1.8.24 and Grandstream GXP1400 phone. I set my Grandstream will forward to my cellphone if no answer after 20 second, but my asterisk doesn’t forward to my cellphone. Please note that this function runs normally when I use asterisk 1.4 but after upgrading to asterisk 1.8.24 I can’t use this feature. Please help.


This could be a phone issue not an Asterisk issue. Asterisk 1.4 EOL 2012-04-21 . You can easily fowards the calls with simple dial plan logic.

Like checking the dial status GotoIf($["${DIALSTATUS}" = “BUSY”]?busy:unavail) or specifiying a timeout on the dial aplication Dial(SIP/100,25) and then dialing to your cell in the next priority

Thank you. I just find the reason is authentication insecure=port, invite