Asterisk stops when playing soundprompt and stay silent

This is the most disturbing bug I’ve come across.

My Asterisk configuration that works on a Linux Debian server at my home doesn’t work at my dedicated server. After installing Asterisk (1.4.5 and 1.4.6 ), zaptel and copied all the configuration files in /etc/asterisk and /var/lib/asterisk my server wouldn’t play any file att all.

When I use Background for exampel the playback is silent, and it waits indefinitly (so a 5 sec prompt isn’t silent for 5 sec, it waits forever)
The consol indicates that the file is actually being played. But it isn’t.
Asterisk jumpt to the right extension if you punch a number, but then the same problem again.

My logs indicate nothing wrong, I have removed all dependencies and reinstalld both zaptel / asterisk.

Can someone pleas help me figure this one out?

Greetings Johan[/code]

Music on hold works… And Ringing()

so there is no problem in the audiotransfer, anyone who have a more technical insight on the Playback and Backgroud applications?

Also Meetme(1,d) hangs at the <SIP/0303350970-081d8368> Playing ‘conf-onlyperson’ (language ‘en’).
Meetme(1,dq1) doesn’t work either, no sound is transferd.

Any known conflict in a library known to cause this?

It was Zaptel ztdummy that caused the problem.

See: … er+ztdummy

With kernel 2.6 Zaptel uses the hardware clock to generate the timing, and to my Dell server work I hade to disable acpi.

Put acpi=off after the line that starts with “kernel” in the end of the grub configfile.