[RESOLVED] asterisk hangs when starting up


I’m new to the VoIP, so am hopefully not overlooking something obvious. I am installing on Ubuntu.

I have (I believe) successfully installed Asterisk. I do not have any kind of hardware card (specifically Digium), so I installed zaptel and libpri. I have loaded the zaptel and ztdummy modules and get the expected response using lsmod. My kernel version is: 2.6.12-10-386.

When I try to start asterisk however (/usr/sbin/asterisk -cvvv), the following happens (included last few lines):

[res_musiconhold.so] => (Music On Hold Resource)
== Registered application ‘MusicOnHold’
== Registered application ‘WaitMusicOnHold’
== Registered application ‘SetMusicOnHold’
== Registered application ‘StartMusicOnHold’
== Registered application ‘StopMusicOnHold’
[chan_mgcp.so] => (Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP))
== Registered channel type ‘MGCP’ (Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP))
[chan_zap.so] => (Zapata Telephony w/PRI)

I’m guessing this has something to do with Zaptel, since the last line was the chan_zap.so, but I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. Has anyone encountered this before? Any recommendations on how to debug/resolve?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, I figured out what I did wrong. I (doh!) removed all the configuration files in the /etc/asterisk directory to start testing per the documentation (started with sip.conf only in there).

I replaced all the sample files and it started up.

So my question is…which files are necessary in the /etc/asterisk directory?


For an installation that does not have hardware, but does have zaptel and libpri installed, along with asterisk, I determined that the following configuration files are required for asterisk to start:

/etc/asterisk/phone.conf (can be empty): otherwise hangs on chan_phone.so
/etc/asterisk/zapata.conf (can be empty): otherwise hangs on chan_zap.so

Maybe this will prove useful for someone else down the road–for those experienced asterisk users–should this be reported as a bug (be nice to have to not have asterisk fail to start up if an empty file isn’t there)?