Asterisk sound plays slow

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with sounds by the famous Allison in Asterisk. :slight_smile:
I am running a Virtual machine on MacbookPro2016 with PBX. Setup is really basic, I am making calls between Deskphone (Yealink T41S) and Softphone (Zoiper5 or Telephone).
Everything is working great except when it comes to playing sounds by Allison, she “sounds” so slow. Simple operation *123 (Please enter your PIN) plays so slow like you have normal audio and slowdown it. It is really frustrating and painful especially when it comes to setting up IVRs, Ring Groups, or Queues. I tried to google this problem but with no success.

I hope you guys can help me with this. Thank you.

Slow motion audio are usually related to CPU performances on the VM configuration, You could try changing the codec, some codecs require more CPU processing but at the end I suggest check your VM settings

Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate your help.
I have already tried to set up VM configurations, “to boost up” if I can say like that. I reserved like 8 gigs of RAM and 8 cores of 16 for CPU, but I don’t have any better results.
For codecs, I am not sure if I am allowed to change that by the policy of the company.
Thanks once more.

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