Asterisk sip trap

IS it possible to do a sip trap on asterisk or something similar,also is it possible when you are on the cli to only appear on the screen a certain specified call perhaps from an ip or dialed number.

reason being if you have 300 calls on the switch you really cant do anything to monitor the calls.

thanks for the help!!

sip debug peer (peername)
sip debug ip (ipaddy)

either of those what you need?

thanks fo the info, that would be great if the other calls didnt show up on the screen, the problem is that i see a million calls going through the switch. i need to debug for only one call and only that call come out on the screen. this system does about 260 Conquering calls.

again thanks for the advice.

you can always change the verbose level (it’s verbose 0 or set verbose 0) which will prevent * from tracking all concurrant calls…

Cool, that worked a bit, but i still get the messages from the agi that is running. Also, is there a way to output this to a txt file?

thanks for the help.

no way to log the entire console yet I don’t think… there is /var/log/asterisk and a few files there that (may) have what you want?