Asterisk & SIP Gateway / SIP Proxy


Can anybody give me some advice on using Asterisk with a Vega SIP Gateway?

I have use of a VEGA E1->SIP Gateway installed & working, giving 30 inbound DDI’s. The plan was to pass calls from the SIP Gateway, on to Asterisk for delivery to the correct phone(s).

I want to REGISTER (in SIP.CONF) for each inbound DDI, then I can use the dialplan to pass calls on to phones.

My problem is that the Vega is simply a SIP Gateway, and not a SIP Proxy, so does not REGISTER users.

Do I need to run a SIP Proxy like PartySIP?

Is there a way to link Asterisk directly to the Vega SIP Gateway?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Did you ever get this done? How do you like the vega? I am about to do the same thing so any info would be greatly appreciated.

Good sound quaility? PSTN quality?

Good support?

Ease of use?