Vega 50 Europa Gateway to Asterisk

Hi all.

I am a newbie taking a telecom course. We have a year end project. We have an asterisk server connected to another asterisk server. We setup both of these. We can make calls between the two using a sip trunk.

We have to connect one of the asterisk servers to a Vega 50 Europa gateway that will be connected to 2 PSTN phone lines. It has 4 FXO ports. We are going to use a SIP trunk between the gateway and the server. Sangoma, the maker of the gateway, suggested I use the following document to configure the gateway to link with the server:

I think I have set the Vega to those parameters.

My question is what are the settings in the FreePBX Admin to connect to the gateway? Is there any help guides or documents out there for a newbie? I assume we need inbound and outbound routes specifically for the PSTN lines. IS dahdi required for this sip trunk? Wouldn’t the gateway handle this?

Obviously I have alot of questions ahead of me. Just wondering if there is a guide to follow setting this up.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is an Asterisk forum, not an FreePBX forum. For questions related to FreePBX, please use their forums.