Asterisk Setup for Business

I am implement an Asterisk solution in our company (I have it operational in two locations for testing) we have a private WAN connecting seven offices.

We are using CISCO 7940 SIP 8.6, IBM servers, TDM800P with HPEC, IAX for interoffice with G729, call presence (Using a python script that generates a xml page for the mini browser in the CISCO phone to see who’s on the phone).

We are keeping PSTN lines for inbound calls. Outbound will go with a VOIP provider (trying to find one in Australia that offers a private link to avoid the Internet in the call path) and will route some calls via our network and out the PSTN to the closest office.

I am still trying to decide which OS to use; I have used Poundkey, Fedora Core 5 and lately AsteriskNow. I am mostly concerned with getting it right in regard to having all the correct versions of the dependences and avoiding strange problems/errors.

I am temped to use AsteriskNow (and not bother with the GUI) to simplify the install.

I don’t need the GUI I have learnt how to do every thing with the text conf files (it is so much better when something breaks you know how to fix it fast).

I looking for your input especially form experienced users that have implement similar solutions.

If you are using IBM servers then RHEL or CentOS are a good choice. You have drivers for every card those IBM servers will use and it is a very stable distribution.

For Latest versions of Asterisk pbx I will support Debian Linux.


On IBM website you’ll see what are the distros and versions supported by IBM.