Asterisk Server

Hello All…

am new to Asterisk,I want to know what is the basic role of Asterisk server.I want to make calls thru voip,i have just purchased SPA3102.I want to setup around 10 lines in a single time.what will you suggest i should use VOIP Adatpter or an Asterisk server.Please suggest me what equipment i should use,what will be the cheapest and best voip service/ much the cost if i use Asterisk in my office.

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Ashley Wood

It really depends on what your needs are. Asterisk has a lot of functionality that comes in handy but if you have 10 sip accounts that you will be using from a carrier I think it would be easier to just have them all register with your ITSP. If you will have only one SIP account and you need the functionality then you will want to use asterisk.