Asterisk rest interface Library

Hi, i’m working on a project based on ARI and i want to know which language library recommended to work with (javascript/python/PHP/C# / .NET) based on your experience and your background.

Ignore .NET and C#, as as the number of Windows programmers providing support for them will be minimal.

Historically, I would say most people would be using PHP or python.

Ok, Thanks so much bro for your Answer.
but i see that the php and python library not updates since 2 years ago, so do you think is useful even that,
and lastly, i know that there’s no enough book and articles about this topics, so please if you have any resources can help me in this project, share it with me
Thanks a lot Mr.DAvid

those asterisk libraries are for convince. you can always interfaces with the rest endpoints directly. for python that would be the requests library. i think .NET has something already built into it for that.


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