Is there any new ARI python library?

Hi there all. I’m interested to know if there are any new Python libraries other than ari-py, because it’s not been updating for 5 years. I searched for python ARI libraries with no luck. The examples on the asterisk wiki site is for Python 2 but I’m willing to work with Python 3.7 and newer libraries if there is any. By the way I’m surprised why there is no new Python libs for ARI which is a newer api than the AGI and AMI.

Hello. I’ve found that PHP libraries for ARI are up to date and currently maintained. Several other libraries are found like
Is it better to start a project with another language like PHP which has an up to date library or just sticking to the old python library. I’ve also found that there are several forks of ari-py library like that added python 3 support but there seems to be no way to install and use them.
Thanks in advanced

Very few people use Python for this, so, unless you are prepared to debug and fix the library itself, I’d suggest using PHP, as that is the most used scripting language for Asterisk.

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Thanks for your fast reply. In the case of using PHP, the real problem is learning PHP language itself. Honestly I think there are people out there using Python 3 and maybe they solved this problem some how. If i was able to communicate with them so I could ask them some questions, that would be great.

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