Asterisk Rest Interface Issue

I created a DigitalOcean droplet server which includes FreePBX business app.
Here is an app description: It includes Asterisk 18 and freePBX 16 in it.
And I could access Admin panel (GUI) via IP address.
I got Restful API url there (http://ip_address/admin/api/api/rest)
When I access this url using Postman, I get an error:
“error”: “access_denied”,
“message”: “The resource owner or authorization server denied the request.”,
“hint”: “Missing "Authorization" header”
But I am not sure what kind of authorization header FreePBX (asterisk rest interface) requires.
And I refer this documentation, but I am not sure if I am in the right path. (Applications - Asterisk Documentation)
Please let me know if anyone has experienced it or has a smart idea.
Thank you.

Also posted to FreePBX business APP, Asterisk Rest Interface Issue - freepbx - FreePBX Community Forums which I suspect is more appropriate.

Yes, I also posted to FreePBX community forum.

That is not the Asterisk REST interface, that’s the interface for FreePBX. If you want ARI, you’d need to determine in FreePBX how that is configured/managed, determine if it can be made public, and what port it is available on.

Thank you for your reply.
Please let me know how to configure in Web Admin Panel.
I can access my web admin panel through DO droplet server IP address.
This FreePBX business app includes Asterisk 18.
I already created an Asterisk Rest Interface User in web admin panel.

I followed this guide, but I got an error. “invalid_client”.

I put necessary parameters into Authorization OAuth2 (configure new token) field, but when I get new access token, I got an error. “invalid client”

That isn’t part of Asterisk The necessary expertise may not exist here.

If I use Asterisk Rest Interface for our own VOIP system, What services/products should I purchase?

Could you please help me give an advice?
If I want to use Asterisk Rest Interface for our own VOIP system, what should I do step by step?
Thank you

Please don’t directly tag or mention people. I personally respond if I have anything of value to add and wish to, and in the case of FreePBX I know nothing.

I don’t mean FreePBX. If I choose Asterisk, what should I do?
Please let me know the service, product and documentation…

Do… what? What do you want to do? ARI in Asterisk is for writing telephony applications, such as your own voicemail or call queueing application. It is not for configuring a PBX, for example.

I want to make my own VOIP system. can initiate, transfer a call and get keying events…
I have purchased FreePBX, but I can’t continue since I have many problems in its use.
So If I want to use Asterisk, how should I do?

To put it in automobile terms, you bought a car(FreePBX) but since you are having problems learning how to drive it you’d rather learn how to build your own car and you want to start from the engine (Asterisk).

So If I want to use Asterisk, how should I do?

  • Install Asterisk
  • Configure Asterisk to your needs with existing applications (endpoints, dialplan, applications (queue, voicemail, etc))
  • Configure ARI if you want to build your own application that does not already exist, or if you have needs that other APIs don’t cover.

For ARI, you may want to start here:

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