Real Time in Asterisk 16

I have an Asterisk 11 server happily running real time from a mySql database using ODBC. It is pretty basic, what would normally be administered in sip.conf and extensions.conf is in the database which is updated be external routines – all good.

NOW, given that *11 is reaching end of life, I want to upgrade to Asterisk 16. BUT, some of the components I relied upon to open and use the MySQL database are not present in *16. In the documentation for *16 I find nothing about Real Time, which suggests it would be the same as prior versions.

The most telling error is “Realtime mapping for ‘sippers’ found to engine ‘odbc’, but the engine is not available.”

If someone could simply refer to the appropriate documentation, I would be happy to RtDM, but I can’t find the right manual to read.

Thank you.

The wiki contains information about configuring ODBC[1] and other things, but you should just start by looking at the console output at startup and seeing if it states why it can’t connect. You should also ensure that the ODBC functionality has been built by looking and seeing if the res_config_odbc and res_odbc modules were built.


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Thank you. I had followed all those steps. Somehow I missed, or it got unchecked, res_mysql in menuselect. Once I did that, everything worked as expected (well almost, see latest post). Thank you.