Asterisk Realtime -- no audio format to offer

Good day all,

I have problems when trying to make call from 1 sip user to another sipuser, Im using Asterisk Realtime SIP and Extension with mysql. Below are the errors occured in the asterisk CLI:

– Executing Dial(“SIP/Aby-08afcf98”, “SIP/abu”)
[Jan 24 14:29:32] WARNING[13286]: chan_sip.c:2821 sip_call: No audio format found to offer. Cancelling call to abu
– Couldn’t call abu
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (0:0/0/0)
[Jan 24 14:29:42] WARNING[13286]: pbx.c:2460 __ast_pbx_run: Timeout, but no rule ‘t’ in context ‘mysql’

-anyway im still new with asterisk, so I would be in debt to anyone who able to solve this…thank you…

Aby Azid