[SOLVED] Asterisk realtime - No audio format found

I have problems when trying to make call from 1 sip user to another sipuser, I’m using Asterisk Realtime SIP and Extension with mysql.

SIP phones from sip.conf working fine. I can even call to “mysql” phone - and it works for incoming calls too, but when I’m trying to make a call from “mysql” phone this error occurs:

Errors in Asterisk cli:

[Oct 18 14:43:50] WARNING[19430]: chan_sip.c:6023 sip_call: No audio format found to offer. Cancelling call to 1999

This is corresponding mysql entry:

select * from sipusers \G *************************** 1. row *************************** id: 1 accountcode: 1998 disallow: all allow: g729;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw allowoverlap: yes allowsubscribe: yes allowtransfer: NULL amaflags: NULL autoframing: NULL auth: NULL buggymwi: no callgroup: NULL callerid: 1998 cid_number: 1998 fullname: 1998 call-limit: 0 callingpres: NULL canreinvite: yes context: phones defaultip: NULL dtmfmode: NULL fromuser: NULL fromdomain: NULL fullcontact: sip:1998@ g726nonstandard: no host: dynamic insecure: NULL ipaddr: language: NULL lastms: 0 mailbox: NULL maxcallbitrate: 384 mohsuggest: NULL md5secret: NULL musiconhold: NULL name: 1998 nat: no outboundproxy: NULL deny: NULL permit: NULL pickupgroup: NULL port: 5062 progressinband: no promiscredir: no qualify: NULL regexten: regseconds: 1382094636 rfc2833compensate: no rtptimeout: NULL rtpholdtimeout: NULL secret: NULL sendrpid: yes setvar: subscribecontext: NULL subscribemwi: NULL t38pt_udptl: no trustrpid: no type: friend useclientcode: no usereqphone: no videosupport: no vmexten: NULL defaultuser: 1998 regserver: NULL useragent: Yealink SIP-T20P 9.6 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

while ((this = strsep(&parse, “[color=#FF0000],[/color]”))) {

Sorry, I didn’t understand what do you mean.

The code that parses the string into individual codecs is looking for commas. You have used semicolons.

Ahhh my bad, thank you.