Asterisk Realtime Mysql Context issue

Can someone Help ?? Does anyone have any idea ?

I am currently using Asterisk 1.4.17 + addons 1.4.5 using mysql for realtime and cdr. I’ve set sipusers and sippeers to be loaded from mysql at extconfig, everything is fine, no database problems, all peers are ok, friends as well. The main issue is: when I set a register line for each peer, example:


asterisk will load both register lines but will keep all registered peers with the context of the first register line and peer

Lets say peer1 has context peer1 and peer2 has context peer2, when peer1 gets registered, every peer below will work on peer1 context until you prune all peers and sip show peer peer2 load. Then peer2 context will be used to all registered peers. Is it right ?

I don’t know if it is a bug or something, I am pretty sure this is wrong. The worst thing is that all this situation works just fine without realtime, simple text file configuration. That’s why I assume this is related with realtime module.

thanks for any help…