Asterisk Realtime (1.6) Documentation

In extconfig.conf there are the following SIP mapings:

sippeers => mysql,asterisk sipusers => mysql,asterisk sipregs => mysql,asterisk

Using the documented examples I have it allready running. But I found no detailed documentation that show the differences beetwen the 3 mappings.
Most examples use the same DB Tabe for sippeers and sipusers.
But for sipregs there is nothing documented.

And mostly, I’m looking for a way to move the register command from sip.conf to Realtime.
Is it now posible in Asterisk 1.6?
Is sipregs there right maping to do that?

Nobody has an idea?

In extconfig.conf, u can set like this:

sippeers => mysql,general,asterisk sipusers => mysql,general,asterisk sipregs => mysql,general,asterisk

but you must set [general] in res_mysql.conf


I think based on what you are asking, you can do what you intend but you are correct there isn’t very much documentation out there.

What you could do is:
A) use "sipregs => mysql,general,sip_buddies"
but you would need to ensure your existing sip_buddies table had columns to support any of the values required.
B) create a new table and use "sipregs => mysql,general,newtablename"
and then you could populate the new table with the correct columns

Either way, you would need to know the new column names. I did a test and can tell you at least one of the columns is named “useragent” because I got a warning that the column didn’t exist.

Hope it helps move you forward. I have to find the answer too, so anyone can feel free to post the answer.