Using sipregs in extconfig.conf for register => statements

I am using Asterisk Realtime with ODBC.
The relevant configuration files are:
sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sippeers
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sippeers
sipregs => odbc,asterisk,sipregs

rtcachefriends = yes

The setup is working fine, because I can realtime register the sip peers. I can see the register message in my asterisk console when a client logs in. But I want to have the register => statements in realtime db as well. Is sipregs used for that purpose ?

I also see the below lines in the example extconfig.conf file:

What does this mean ? I don’t get what a view means here.

I really appreciate some help. Many thanks in advance !

Is anyone familiar with the Asterisk Realtime architecture… I would really appreciate your help !


I am new to Asterisk and also curios to know the answer of above raised question.

I am trying to register SIP trunk provider but I want to user real time sip peer database and I don’t know where should I add register string in sip database.

does any one have answer to this question yet?
Thanks in advance.