Asterisk Rant

From a voice quality perspective, 1.4 is a lot better than 1.2, BUT…

I’m starting to wonder if the developers are starting to get a god complex!

For a start, I find it extreamly frustating that dial plans that work fine in 1.2 are broken in 1.4 (what ever happened to backwards compatibility?)

Now I can understand new functions with a different syntax, but old functions should still work!

Second, what’s with this ‘core’ prefix to most cli commands?

Why on earth do I need to remember new command syntax’s that do exactly the same as the old ones?

I love Cisco’s policy of short cutting commands provided they’re not ambiguous, such as sho run. Why can’t this be done in asterisk such as sip sho p ? (sip show peers)

My concern is that asterisk is trying to become everything to everyone, and as a result becoming bloat-ware!

And what’s this of putting 1.2 into the ‘old releases’ dir when it’s still active?

Yes Asterisk has been a great success story, but it can equally disappear pretty quickly too. Annoy the end users too much and it’s end of story.


I am still holding on to 1.2.X for my dear life. I think the coders learned their lesson with 1.4.X. It’s no wonder there is no ABE in 1.4.X

The 1.2 version of ABE was released more than 6 months after 1.2 as well. My guess is ABE Rev C (or whatever they are going to call it) based on 1.4 is very close to being released.

The other day I upgraded our 1.2 asterisk to 1.4.13. There is a 1.4.11 server with a tdm400p card, configured, attached analog phone, zaptel, zapata and extensions (workable for testing) working properly.

Okay, it took forever to get zaptel to install properly (3) times. Asterisk installed properly. Copied over the zaptel, zapata, and extensions.conf files over to this new server.

  1. no dial tone from attached analog phone

  2. and no inbound/outbound/console dialing to and from the analog phone.

What gives?

I would say zaptel is either not installed properly or it hasnt been started. Post output of zaptel.conf, zapata.conf and “zap show status”.