Asterisk -r (error)

Hi to all i had a big rpoblem actually with my asterisk server now…i cannot execute---- asterisk -r ---------- command here is the error

Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does
/var/run/asterisk.ctl exist?)

any have idea about to resolve this problem…thanks in advance :smiley:


Do you started * ?

asterisk -vvvc

If you already did that:

Search for asterisk.ctl

see # vi /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf

astrundir = “…” (path of asterisk.ctl) (probably = var/run/asterisk)

tell me if this work…

Yes i already run the asterisk -rvvvv…i got eror on the last message g729 codec failed…not installed

and also i got a file asterisk.ctl @ var/run/asterisk/

and i try also edited the asterisk.conf ====>from var/run/ to ======> var/run/asterisk

then i try to run asterisk -r it all same error…

Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does /var/run/asterisk.ctl exist?)


does exists /var/run/asterisk <---- ¿?

cd /var/run

var/run/# mkdir asterisk
#chown “user” /var/run/asterisk

and try again

let me know if this work

yes it exist…/var/run/asterisk=====> and had a file asterisk.ctl and pid

so do i have to make new directory?

that puzzeled me…the file asterisk.ctl exist and i already set the asterisk.conf to /var/asterisk…

What could be wrong.

“so do i have to make new directory?”

flaco, hablas español? porque el nombre ruben me suena bien chango!

sorry i was not able to get that… :smiley:

just need help…

OKOK, sorry…

one simple question…

after the changes… do you restarted the asterisk??

/etc/init.d/asterisk restart

which distro do you use??


try this:
$ sudo asterisk
$ sudo asterisk -r


thank you so much…i already got it right finally.

Ok, but what do you did?

i just restarted the asterisk system after changing all the details you said…