Asterisk queue logging (log file and database)

Hello everyone!

Can someone please tell me if it is possible to make Asterisk perform queue log to database as well as to log file at the same time?

The reason why I’a asking is because we have Asterisk PBX installed from distro that has queue log writing to database for additional functionality. And we want to integrate our installation with QueueMetrics. QueueMetrics support told me that in order for their software have full functionality, qloaderd (QueueMetrics agent component) needs to parse queue log file.

Thanks a lot!

Just install the qloaderd with the following command

yum install qloaderd

In the queuemetrics site you will find all the needed instructions to enable this feature.

In the [general] section of logger.conf you should have two settings;


and queue_log_to_file

Enable them both and you should get entries in your queue_log as well as your database.

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Thank you for hints!