Help on project on voip with asterisks

Can anyone help or guide us on project" Voip with asterisks"
Has anyone worked on this project, please give us some information about how should we proceed for the same

Order and read the new book:

Asterisk - The Future of Telephony

Same here i am trying to get a voip system up for a Home work center with 6 seperate rooms and two pstn lines from verizon (one for fax) for high school kids.

They already have a data network with mixed computers (MAC, PC) and a gateway to the internet. Not sure if the IP address is a dedicated one or shared as we host our site in the Center.

In addition, i want to introduce the kids gradually to voip and quirk their intrest in technology (Spanish speaking kids are super smart i dont know why).

However, i do not know what is the best Linux OS to use to work with what version of asterixs (really want one that works)
In addition, i do not know what is the best system requirements.

I am already used to debuging SIP and CISCO IP phones at work (Intern) but i was not part of the setup, so though i can maintain it i have no clue into how to setup. Please help me point this kids/future engineers and scientist to the future of of the PSTN network.