Asterisk/PBX Hardware Question


We currently have a (very old) PBX in the office and I have been looking at upgrading it. However I would like to look at running Asterisk instead of upgrading the actual PBX.

What I would like to look at first is the Hardware cards etc. I need for my upgrade.

Currently I have an IBM SBS server (2013 version) with Windows Server 2012 Standard. I would like to look into buying and installing a PBX card that is compatible with this server, but am not sure what to look for?

Hence my question on the forum to ask for some assistance please. What card(s) do I need (or should I look at) for my current setup which allow me to run the PBX card on the server and plug the phone/SIP line into the PBX card after installing the card into the server.

One catch is that we already have a fax line goes to our photocopier. What I would like to aim for is leave that as is, but try to set users in the office up to receive faxes straight into their Outlook. Again I am not sure if this fax splitting is do-able or whether there is a better alternative?

Please advise

Thanks in advance


You can buy cards from Digium, or go for a SIP only solution, or a hybrid, but Asterisk runs on Linux. Although some people run Asterisk on a VM under Windows, it is not advisable for a production machine.