Asterisk PBX and illimity call

Hi all,

For one of my customer i wanna install a full voip system. I’ll explain myself.

All over the lan we will install some Voip phones with SIP protocol (References : Planet SIP ip phone vip-152t).

All those phones will be connected via CPL (Lan with electricity) to the IPBX with asterisk.

To go out the lan and phone from france to france (yes i am french) we want the less expensive possible (illimity should be good).

But the costumers would like to have different calls at the same time (he actually has 4 classical phones line). And he wants his costumers coould call him to the same phone number even if someone is using the phone.

I am not really sure this is really clear.

More simply : he wants to uses asterisk like a classik PABX ++ all the fonctionnality it has.

Someone had an experience of this in france then he could help me and explain how he does? My prob is more specificaly linked to outgoing and incoming calls, how could i connect more than one line to the ipbx ? Have i to take an ITSP ? How could i get a unique phone number for all the lines etc…

Help would be really appreciated :smile:

bye :wink:

Two choice : use ISDN (RNIS) wich allow multiple simultaneous communications on the same number, or use a SIP VOIP provider, like or