Panasonic KXTDA30 + Asterisk IVR

Dear All,

I have the following setup:

PSTN (8 analog incoming lines) -> Panasonic PBX

I would like to place Asterisk as IVR behind legacy PBX.

How many FXO/FXS ports I’ll need to be able to handle all 8 lines?

IVR will basically prompt a caller with welcome message and ask him/her to dial an extension. Then asterisk will transfer this call to the proper ext. on the panasonic PBX.

I’m familiar with Asterisk and IVR configuration. This is my first integration of legacy pbx and asterisk.

Thanks in advance,



If you have 8 lines, you need 8 FXO ports on Asterisk. The ports FXO on Panasonic can be used to integradted with asterisk through FXS ports, so you can conect 8 FXO Ports of Panasonic with 8 FXS port Asterisk.