Asterisk on VMWare ESX

Hi !!!

I want to use Asterisk as our primary phone server and virtualize it on a VMWare ESX Server.

The config should be like this:
2 CPU Server Xeon 2GHz 5130
VMImage on a FC Storage connected with 4Gbit

ISDN (S0) to LAN - with patton inalp
ATAs - Linksys
Phones (20x Linksys, 40x Speedtouch 2030, 10x SNOM 370)

NetworkCoreSwitch HP4108 with QoS and own Vlan for VoIP
NetworkGroupSwitch HP2900

Maybe we will use some WLAN Phones (Siemens Gigaset or UTStarcom) for mobile use.

What do you think of this configuration? Do you have some better solution? I have read that there are some problemes with ESX?!?

Is there a active and good german Forum on the NET. I’ve postet on some but no answer.


Hello. I am interested in use asterisk virtualized in Vmware ESX too.
It is going to work ok with ztdummy?
What will happen if you want to use it wiht one TDM or TE card?
Will be isues with timing?

any experiencie?
any response?