Asterisk-Linux Virtualization, or not?


I want to make my linux (centos) and Asterisk to be on virtual machine. I will not need any BRI cards, I will use only SIP, so the VM must know how to use Ztdummy.

Or maybe I should ask like this - Is it possible to install one linux and asterisk on one machine and then make image of the disk, and use it on other computer?

Are you looking to automatically deploy the images, or for some other reason? Are you looking to have multiple concurrent instances running on the same hardware using ztdummy?

If its just for the automatic deployment, you can script the entire asterisk install using kickstart on CentOS (Or other RedHat based system)

I know people have successfully used Asterisk in different VM environments. Xen, VMWare, OpenVZ etc… I’ve only used VMWare and OpenVZ in development. OpenVZ soon in production.


How has asterisk performed for you in VMWare?

I strictly used VMWare while developing an application for eventual deployment on a non-vm server when I didn’t have an extra server available at the time. Although It was never placed into production, testing it seemed to work well for my proof of concept. I guess you could load up sipp and load test an asterisk VM in VMWare to see how well it works but I’ve never had the need to yet.

I used Asterisk in a Vmware ESX environment and was unhappy with the performance running in a virtual machine. You have to use ‘ztdummy’ as a software timing device rather than a hardware device of a Digium card and it is terrible at best. You will probably have echo/problems.

I would strongly suggest hardware.