Asterisk on HP and Dell Servers

Hi, i’m new in this forum. Could you help me with this question?:

I want to install Asterisk on a production enviroment, i asked to many vendors for servers like HP, and Dell, for a HP Proliant DL380 and Dell Power Edge R520 servers, but when i asked to company support if their servers support Asterisk, all of them answered that none of their servers support Asterisk.

They only says: “Our servers don’t support Asterisk because all our servers are only for personal computers.” I don’t understand that.

Do you know why all of them answered that?

It’s possible to use a HP Proliant Server DL380 or a Power EdgeR250 Server for 60 concurrent users on a production enviroment?

Thanks for your help.


The question “Does this server support Asterisk?” is the same like “Does this server support Apache/PHP/ProFTPd/etc?” :smile:

Install GNU/Linux (*BSD if you prefer) , usually Centos or Debian, and then install Asterisk. If the hardware is supported in Linux/BSD, you’ll be able to use Asterisk on that system.

The hardware requirements generally depend on number of simultaneous calls, inbound registrations and peers, applications used on Asterisk, audio codecs, executing some scripts in dialplan.

Hope this will help you. … ECT-1.html

In common situation servers you’ve mentioned are a good choice (maybe even too powerful). Though, components such CPU or memory may differ depending on your configuration. 4GB of memory are enough.