Asterisk installation on HP server


Have anyone ever install Asterisk on a HP server ?

Any issues, problems…etc ?


I think a few more details may be a “little” helpful IE what HP server?

Thanks of the reminder, I mean those entry level series like Proliant DL xxx series…

The thing is my office mostly with HP, not with Dell.

If any particular Linux go well with the Asterisk and the above, appreicate anyone can share their experience.


I’m installing Asterisk Business Edition on an HP ML150 later this afternoon and will be using FC3 as the base. I’ve done it before with the cvs version of Asterisk and it ran fine. In another two weeks I’m installing ABE on a DL360G4p. I’ve installed quite a bit of Redhat/Fedora on HP hardware and have never had a problem.

The ML150 will have a Digium TDM2400P analog card in it and the DL360 will have a TE210P digital card. I’ve sold and installed HP for years (over 9 now) and have had no problems with 99.9% of the stuff I’ve thrown at the boxes.

The ML150 gets installed next Wedneday. I’ll let you know if I run into any problems.



Must agree with the above as to HP. Personaly I have used HP and its ancestors with _nix since the days of 486 based DEC systems the compaqs and now HP all with no problems.


Agree, the HP machines are running fine, esp. with red hat or debian, which are both good stable server _nixes.

Only reason i dont use HP anymore is their price…jeeez… :cry:

Last 4 servers i had running where LM3(?), 40K (Deutschmark) per…ouch !