Asterisk not answering android gtalk calls


We have successfully implemented gtalk with asterisk but if we receive a call from a movile device (talk or gtok on android, gtok on ios) asterisk is not picking up the call.
I’ve found several stuff on gtalk in the forum but none is giving me a hint on how to work this out.
Any help?

You’re using chan_motif and Asterisk 11?

Hi malcomd,

We have it implemented with 1.8 and chan_gtalk, it works great with “static” pc clientes like the web or gtalk, empathy, etc but it’s not picking up the movile clients calls (talk, gtok, etc).
Can I fix this without having to migrate to 11?

No idea if moving to chan_motif will fix your problem or not; I just know that there’s no bugfix support from Digium on chan_gtalk and the community seems not to care to provide bugfix support for it either.

good to know that, so I’ll have to take a chance at updating to 11 and use can_motif
If anyone else know a workarround to avoid the migration, is very wellcome.
Regards and thanks for the help