No audio w/ Google Voice, but no problem w/ GTalk

Things were working fine a week ago, but currently I’m not getting any audio on outgoing Google Voice calls, though calling non-GV GTalk addresses works fine. Is anyone else seeing this? The last change on my end was 2 weeks ago, with an upgrade to 1.8.15, and as I’ve said everything worked fine for a week after that.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading to v10, but the following issue makes me wary of that now:

I’d love to put the v11 beta on the machine to see if chan_motif helps at all, but I make heavy use of Skype for Asterisk and a version of that module for v11 doesn’t exist yet.

same here at two sites , what changed ?

nothing much in the logs pointing to the issue

Looks like it started working again sometime over the last week. The only calls I tend to route over Google Voice are conference calls, when outbound caller ID doesn’t matter. Those are usually on Mondays, and I thought the one yesterday was going out over SIP termination but it was using Google Voice.

Just as when it went down, no changes on my end were involved. I did change the jabber.conf/gtalk.conf settings to match those in the Asterisk wiki, but that didn’t have an immediate effect so I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that it’s working again.